Phytoextractum, a leading provider of plant extracts, Accepts Bitcoin

In an official announcement, Phytoextractum, a leading provider of plant extracts and botanical products, says that now customers can buy the products paying Bitcoin, a digital currency that is making great inroads around the world. Not just the company accepts Bitcoin but also offering 10% off to anyone buying with Bitcoin at the occasion.

It appears, Phytoextractum Plants Extracts decided to start accepting Bitcoin as currency for all online orders after a lot of deliberations. However, now that the company has decided that Bitcoin will be one of the payment options; customers would be able to cash in on the opportunity well. Bitcoin is an easy and fast payment option as well as safe for customers.

Nonetheless, as Bitcoin is nowhere to stay, the company understood the importance and the role as well. Now it provides an easy method of digital payment that doesn’t require interaction with banks or other institutions. Additionally, Bitcoin works just as efficiently as other payment methods; thus, there won’t be any issues for customers.

The press release from Phytoextractum Plants Extracts also says that the company is offering customers a chance to try it out with 10 percent discounts on all purchases. Nonetheless, for those unfamiliar with Bitcoin, it is a decentralized digital currency which is quickly growing in popularity and emerging as a popular option for national and international payments.

Privacy, Reduced Cost, and Other Added Advantaged from Bitcoin Payments

There are several advantages for the companies that accept Bitcoin from customers, for instance, it adds new customers who wish to pay only Bitcoin. Additionally, customers from around the world can buy the products and items paying Bitcoin as it is a truly international currency. Thus, the decision by Phytoextractum Plants Extracts will pay high dividends to it.

Nonetheless, Bitcoin offers both consumers and merchants a wide…

Buy Bitcoins using credit cards at WeMoveCoins – An easy, fast and secure Bitcoin exchange

WeMoveCoins is a new Bitcoin exchange and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is founded by a team of personalities with diverse backgrounds but has a common interest in digital currencies.

As a Bitcoin exchange, providing great customer service is important for them. Their goal is to provide an easy and convenient solution in buying Bitcoins especially to beginners in the Bitcoin community.


WeMoveCoins offers a simple and fast way of buying Bitcoins. You can submit an order without registration needed and get an easy and fast validation. Pay easily using your own VISA and MasterCard debit or credit card, including VISA electron, VISA / Dankort and Maestro. You can buy a minimum of 10 EUR worth of Bitcoins with 6.9% flat commission. They deliver your Bitcoins directly to your Bitcoin wallet within 12 hours.

As a Bitcoin exchange service, WeMoveCoins to be more user-friendly especially to Bitcoin newbies. They provide steps on how to use the cryptocurrency. These include how to get a Bitcoin wallet, getting a bitcoin address, buying Bitcoins and finally spending your first Bitcoins.

They also provide tutorial articles and glossaries which will help newbies in understanding more the basics of the cryptocurrency. These include tutorials on the different wallets such as Bread wallet, Electrum wallet, Mycelium wallet, and Jaxx Wallet. Each tutorial provides a step-by-step guide with screenshots from installing, creating an account and using the Bitcoin wallet. They also provide a glossary of words and terms used for Bitcoin and the Blockchain.

Customer Support

Customers may contact them through email, CVR and through sending them a message in the Help section. They also provide a FAQ section that may help answer some of your questions. They also show transparency in their Terms & Conditions and their Privacy Policy.

User Interface

The website has a sleek, modern and straightforward design. You can start buying Bitcoins directly by clicking on the Buy Bitcoin button visibly placed on the screen. Select the amount you want to pay for, enter your Bitcoin address and your personal details.

You might exceed the transaction size with WeMoveCoins thresholds, you will be asked for more information in order to verify that you are real. Then, buy your Bitcoins using your credit card with verification through your mobile number associated with the card.

Once the transaction is completed, you will then receive your Bitcoins within 12 hours, but, usually takes much faster. That is how fast and easy in buying Bitcoins at WeMoveCoins.

As of this time of writing, WeMoveCoins is experiencing a stock outage. This is because they are still a startup business and is still continuing to grow. They provide updates with regards to the stock outage and the time they will be back with fresh stocks of Bitcoins in their Twitter account.

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Ernst & Young Switzerland will accept Bitcoin in 2017 and sets up Bitcoin ATMs

As part of digitalizing itself, the multinational accounting firm giant Ernst & Young will now be the first of its kind to be accepting Bitcoin payments for its services.

Starting this January 2017, Ernst & Young Switzerland clients will be able to use the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency Bitcoin as payment for the consulting and auditing services offered by the accounting firm.

This was announced November 25, 2016, and has come about after a number of Swiss organizations joining the Bitcoin revolution. Further with this decision, EY aims to strengthen Switzerland’s position as a center for the digital economy including other provisions in the progress of the blockchain technology.

In addition, Ernst & Young also set up a number of Bitcoin ATMs among its offices which are open to the public and as well as to its employees. Anyone can exchange their Swiss Francs for BTC or vice versa.

According to their news release (, EY has designed its own Bitcoin wallets.

These wallets have superior protection & security against unauthorized access within the EY systems. Employees will get their own Bitcoin wallets on their company-provided smartphones to make them more familiar with the cryptocurrency and the blockchain first hand.

This move of letting EY employees embrace the cryptocurrency is for the upcoming developments which will be critical for EY clients, thus employees should have a better understanding of implementing these solutions.

EY on Bitcoin & Blockchain

Ernst & Young perceive Bitcoin and Blockchain technology as an essential part of the future of the digital economy. They decided to join some leading Swiss organizations in transforming financial services to consider the Bitcoin revolution. As one of the world’s Big Four professional services networks, EY has been the biggest institution to embrace the crypto world. Partnering with many other organizations, EY aims to provide its clients with the best way in transitioning to the digital world.

EY considers Blockchain technology as the “Right technology, at the right time”. It means that with the data and security challenges today, traditional institutional practices should be replaced with this tamper-proof distributed ledgers.

The Challenges

However, Ernst & Young sees challenges in reaching their goals. Although they see blockchain as a “potential-rich”, they still see it as an immature technology and too slow to scale. They do not expect a lot of Bitcoin payments for its services after the launch. Companies and individuals still prefer to use the traditional currency. At the same time, if the price of Bitcoin is expected to increase, then Bitcoin payments will be less most probably.

Nevertheless, there is still a need for Bitcoin and Blockchain startups and adopting institutions to imagine, experiment, evaluate research and development programs for the technology to succeed. As the blockchain technology is fast arising and staking a claim in the financial sector, EY said it is time for companies to identify opportunities, assess risks and schedule their entries in order to take a position before everything is too late.

Overall, EY benefits from having its employees understand Bitcoin and Blockchain but enabling Bitcoin payments does not provide any immediate and direct benefit to the economy, not until the future. However, when it comes to Switzerland’s stance as a Bitcoin and Blockchain hub, EY is definitely a huge boost to Bitcoin adoption and digital transformation of the financial industry.…

Private Internet Access VPN provider which accepts bitcoin – A review

PrivateInternetAccess or PIA is a VPN service provider established in 2010 by one of its co-founder, Andrew Lee. Its parent company London Trust Media, created the company in order to satisfy their main goal of bringing back the internet to its original free state, where individuals can make, learn and explore with freedom and privacy.

Private Internet Access has become one of the leading VPN service providers that offer reliable and secured VPN tunnel services to users in order to protect their internet connection and disguise their IP address on the web. The company is based in the United States and its head office is located in Grandville, Michigan.

Security features

PIA has a very reputable track record of not keep any logs or collection of traffic data and only provide customer data under a substantial court order. They pride in having one of the best security and anonymity system available.

Private Internet Access provides users with access to their VPN by means of OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP. A range of protocols and encryption strengths is available, with OpenVPN (rightly) being the focus and offering to AES-256 for datastream encryption, SHA256 for data authentication and RSA-4096 for handshaking.

Freedom of user choice is a major part of what Private Internet Access remains for, so users are free to pick their preferred type and level of encryption in the client options, and there’s a page on the site committed to helping users with choosing the right one for them.

Special Features

  • Private Internet Access VPN service allows users to simultaneously connect up to 5 gadgets to their VPN connection at any time.
  • Unlike other VPN service provider, PIA allows you to use all of your devices utilizing just one account.
  • Private Internet Access utilizes a high-grade 128-bit secured CBS Blowfish encryption algorithm for maximum online protection.
  • It also supports PPTP, IPSEC/L2TP, and OpenVPN protocols.
  • One great feature is the auto-disconnection protection. If ever to lose connection with the VPN, the service will automatically disconnect you from the internet keeping you and all your gadgets safe at all times.
  • It provides SOCKS5 proxy access to all users who require this type of feature.
    Is logging enabled?

Private Internet Access service operates a no logging policy. This means that user activity, such as site visits, downloads, emails, and different communications are not monitored or stored and the encryption protects them from surveillance even at ISP level.

How many VPN servers available?

Servers are offered in 29 locations across 18 countries including the US, Europe, and Australia, with nearly 3000 servers available in total. Another VPN provider at par with this number of servers is this one.

Why should I choose this?

Private Internet Access is one of the best VPN services in the market today for unknown surfing. With its low reasonable cost and various features, it can surely provide the most remarkable VPN experience to its subscribers.…

Canadian Senatr Hervieux-Payette Attacks Bitcoin with Truthiness

Payette’s issue seems to be that the Senate Committee on Bank, Trade, and Commerce recommended a light touch on Bitcoin regulation as a way to prevent the in-depth study of two other bills that might have been affected.

That the Senator is advising people to approach Bitcoin cautiously and learn about it before taking the plunge is laudable. Bitcoin is certainly new and innovative and all the ramifications of its use and abuse have not been fully worked out yet. That she’s doing so with seeming lack of facts is less laudable.

Her first criticism of Bitcoin is that it has an “expiry date given the maximum limit of 21 million bitcoins.” True = Bitcoin rewards those verifying the ledger with a set amount of Bitcoins every ten minutes or so. The reward started at 50 BTC and is programmed to halve every four years or so until the ‘block reward’ becomes too minuscule to really matter – it will never be truly zero. False = There is no expiry and all bitcoins ever mined will remain available for use as long as someone knows the private key of the address they sit on.

This, it turns out is a feature, not a flaw of Bitcoin. Right now, central banks around the world are trying to print money to get out of or stave off recessions. One of the reasons for the seriousness of the current Greek financial crisis is that as a member of the Euro, they have no central bank that they can order to print more money. If they could, they could print Drachma and pay their loans, though this would devalue the currency and thus the wealth of all Greeks.

Bitcoin is no solution for the problems of Greece the nation, but it could be a savior for millions of individual Greeks. Since no more bitcoins can be produced than are programmed for, as the demand for bitcoins will increase and as such the wealth of all those holding bitcoins. Further, Bitcoin will eventually be a deflationary currency, which means that those holding it will be assured that their savings, their retirement funds will continue to accrue rather than wither away as they do now.

But of course, it’s the inflationary money scheme that the senator wishes to protect and promote. Why? Because inflationary money benefits those closest to the presses the most – bankers and politicians. It is a silent tax that diminishes the wealth of the populace for the benefit of the rich.

Which brings us to the senator’s next point: that Bitcoin is used by criminals and makes criminal enterprises easier. She has a point. Just like with cash, Bitcoin can be used without permission and nearly anonymously. It has been tied to darknet sites and has been used with ransomware.

On the other hand, according to Kaspersky, the use of Bitcoin for criminal activities is falling. And even if it wasn’t, Bitcoin’s 3 billion market capitalization positions it to be a mere footnote on the massive fraud perpetrated every day both by criminal enterprises and ‘legitimate businesses like the investment banks that wrecked the economy in 2008.

Finally, the senator claims that Bitcoin has been hacked. False. The blockchain and the basic technology of Bitcoin have never been hacked. It certainly is possible to hack wallets, especially if people are not careful with their security – and that legitimately is one of the things that need to improve about Bitcoin going forward. Still, the statement that Bitcoin was hacked is false and isn’t a mistake that a lawmaker, whose decisions affect millions, should make.…