Buy Bitcoins using credit cards at WeMoveCoins – An easy, fast and secure Bitcoin exchange

WeMoveCoins is a new Bitcoin exchange and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is founded by a team of personalities with diverse backgrounds but has a common interest in digital currencies.

As a Bitcoin exchange, providing great customer service is important for them. Their goal is to provide an easy and convenient solution in buying Bitcoins especially to beginners in the Bitcoin community.


WeMoveCoins offers a simple and fast way of buying Bitcoins. You can submit an order without registration needed and get an easy and fast validation. Pay easily using your own VISA and MasterCard debit or credit card, including VISA electron, VISA / Dankort and Maestro. You can buy a minimum of 10 EUR worth of Bitcoins with 6.9% flat commission. They deliver your Bitcoins directly to your Bitcoin wallet within 12 hours.

As a Bitcoin exchange service, WeMoveCoins to be more user-friendly especially to Bitcoin newbies. They provide steps on how to use the cryptocurrency. These include how to get a Bitcoin wallet, getting a bitcoin address, buying Bitcoins and finally spending your first Bitcoins.

They also provide tutorial articles and glossaries which will help newbies in understanding more the basics of the cryptocurrency. These include tutorials on the different wallets such as Bread wallet, Electrum wallet, Mycelium wallet, and Jaxx Wallet. Each tutorial provides a step-by-step guide with screenshots from installing, creating an account and using the Bitcoin wallet. They also provide a glossary of words and terms used for Bitcoin and the Blockchain.

Customer Support

Customers may contact them through email, CVR and through sending them a message in the Help section. They also provide a FAQ section that may help answer some of your questions. They also show transparency in their Terms & Conditions and their Privacy Policy.

User Interface

The website has a sleek, modern and straightforward design. You can start buying Bitcoins directly by clicking on the Buy Bitcoin button visibly placed on the screen. Select the amount you want to pay for, enter your Bitcoin address and your personal details.

You might exceed the transaction size with WeMoveCoins thresholds, you will be asked for more information in order to verify that you are real. Then, buy your Bitcoins using your credit card with verification through your mobile number associated with the card.

Once the transaction is completed, you will then receive your Bitcoins within 12 hours, but, usually takes much faster. That is how fast and easy in buying Bitcoins at WeMoveCoins.

As of this time of writing, WeMoveCoins is experiencing a stock outage. This is because they are still a startup business and is still continuing to grow. They provide updates with regards to the stock outage and the time they will be back with fresh stocks of Bitcoins in their Twitter account.

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